World Two in New Call of Duty may not end in 1945

The action of the new Call of Duty, according to the media, will affect the Second World and 50‘s, but the Modern Warzone portal shared much more interesting information. Allegedly the shooter events will unfold in an alternative universe where World II didn’t end in 1945. So developers will be able to more creatively approach the creation of a story campaign, having come up with absolutely new stories within the established setting.

However, if this is true, then much more interesting is another: after Modern Warfare, all Call of Duty occur in the same universe โ€” be it MW, Warzone, or Black Ops. In fact, zombies have already appeared in the current canon of the once realistic MW restart approach, yes.

It is unlikely that the new Call of Duty will separate from the current canon – so the desire to change the events of World War II is surprising, still the events of World at War, where the war ended in 1945, must take into account – because this is actually a prequel to the first Black Ops. According to Modern Warzone, the working title of the next Call of Duty is โ€œVanguardโ€.

Sledgehammer, creators of Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare and WWII are responsible for its development. However, after the departure of the studio founders, the team changed seriously.

In fact, these are already other developers. Also, the fan portal notes that for Call of Duty: Warzone may not release a thematic map to the โ€œVanguardโ€ – and the integration of content, as it was with Black Ops Cold War, may not take place.

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