World War 3 creators revealed dilapidated Berlin

Polish studio The Farm 51 decided to remind of their multiplayer shooter World War 3 with a fresh trailer. A map of Berlin was chosen for him: fierce fighting, the area in front of the Brandenburg Gate is riven with shells and shelters, and the subway is dilapidated. In 2018, World War 3 was released into early access Steam, and the premiere was not particularly impressive: the game garnered mixed reviews.

However, in April 2020, the developers announced that they had found a publisher, the game brand Mail. Ru.

After that, the game was removed from sale and sent for refinement. In July, the creators revealed what would change in the project: redesigned maps, improved shooting, new mechanics and features, and tighted& nbsp; graphics and add fresh audio.

World War 3 is currently undergoing closed testing. It is not yet known when the draft will be presented to players again.

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