Worlds End Club released on Nintendo Switch with Russian translation

NIS America announced the release of the story adventure Worlds End Club on the Nintendo Switch. The game is already available in the Nintendo store, and you can buy it for 2999 rubles. And before that – to get acquainted with the project with the help of a free demo version.

Worlds End Club – new work by Kotaro Uchikoshi and Kazutaki Kodaki, authors Zero Escape and Danganronpa. And at the center of the plot turns out to be the Fortune Club, a group of schoolchildren who are trapped by a strange clown in an abandoned underwater themed park.

To survive, schoolchildren must perform some task. However, the task itself is recorded on the bracelet, which is in another student.

And the ordeal to come will cast doubt on years of friendship. And at this time upstairs, it seems, the end of the world begins.

Previously, the Worlds End Club has already entered Apple Arcade. No other platforms have been reported yet.

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