Worms Rumble will be out on Xbox Series, Xbox One and Switch this year

The authors of the battle royal Worms Rumble of Team17 have announced that the project will appear on Xbox Series, Xbox One and Switch this year. The game had previously been released in late December on PS5, PS4 and PC (Steam). Up to 32 worms can participate in battles, and in Worms Rumble support cross-platform battles.

The hostilities themselves unfold in real time — the creators did not use the step-by-step format of battles. Players will be able to try different modes, including classic Fight to the Death, as well as customize their combinations.

In addition, users will be given access to a large number familiar (and new) weapons, various events, tests and so on. More on Igamania Spider-Man: Miles Morales topped Britain‘s Amnesia charts for the first time since release: Rebirth still hasn’t paid off, but set a sales record in 24 hours NVIDIA confirmed that it accidentally removed protection from miners on RTX 3060.