Wormuth saw Heracles collapse after injury Azzaoui: ‘They were in shock’

Frank Wormuth declares that the eye serious injury of Ismail Azzaoui is the reason for the great decline of Heracles Almelo against Feyenoord. Just after the attacker‘s failure, the visitors collapsed and Feyenoord was able to equalize.
Azzaoui was still important to his team early in the game, by preparing Sinan Bakis’
hit. Soon after, fate struck. โ€œI haven‘t had any contact with him yet nor spoke to the phyio’s,โ€ Wormuth says to ESPN afterwards. The German trainer that his team was difficult to pick up the thread. โ€œWe were having trouble getting back into the game. I saw that many players were with Azzaoui with their thought. Until half time, we were really bad. The players seemed in shock.โ€
Wormuth is asked what he said to his players at halftime. โ€œForgotten,โ€ he is firm. โ€œIt‘s happened, we’re pros. We have to perform here. We can start whining all the time, but we can play better for Azzaouiโ€, concludes the practice master.
In the second half, Luis Sinisterra signed for his second goal, causing Heracles to return home empty-handed. It is the fourth time in a row that the Almeloans do not know how to win, causing the team to fall to the fourteenth place in the Premier League.