Wormuth wants to help Ngonge: ‘A father sometimes has to make his children feel something’

Frank Wormuth has further spoken about his decision to leave club top scorer Cyril Ngonge out of the main force of FC Groningen for the time being. According to the German practice master, it was necessary to intervene for a while.
During the press conference in the run-up to the game with Cambuur Leeuwarden, Wormuth was not completely unexpectedly asked about the situation regarding his attacker. “A father sometimes has to tell or make his children feel something. Every father or mother has problems with that, but in the end we help them and then they understand later. I understand my parents now, but that is too late,” says a smiling Wormuth.
The trainer continues: “It is not a mistake, but an educational pedagogical measure due to missteps that do not fit into the norm. We want to see a team on the field, but a team does not start on the field. Here, the team is more important than the player and now it‘s the player’s turn to change, but we want the best for everyone.”
On Thursday, it was announced that the Belgian has been temporarily returned to Groningen 021, and the exact cause of the sentence is unclear. However, Wormuth announced earlier that the player is currently not complying when it comes to issues such as attitude, discipline and behavior.