Worries about the komodo dragon, the tuna is better

The komodo dragon is under threat of extinction. The largest lizard species in the world was placed in the โ€œcritically endangeredโ€ category on the new Red List of Endangered Plants and Animals. That‘s just two steps away from the โ€œextinctโ€ category.

The cause is climate change. The animal is found in the wild only in Indonesia, especially on the island of Komodo. It is well protected there, but that cannot prevent his habitat from being threatened by the rise in sea levels, which is again a result of climate warming.

Sea level rise threatens to lose one third of its habitat over the next 45 years. There are an estimated 6,000 komodo dragons left.

Good tuna news

The Red List is drawn up every year by the international conservation organization IUCN. It comes with good news about the tuna that has been endangered for years. The bluefin tuna, loved as an ingredient in sushi, has increased by 22 percent over the past forty years. He’s no longer threatened with extinction. It is also better with the white tuna and yellowfin tuna.

โ€œThe tuna is a good news story,โ€ says Craig Hilton-Tailor, responsible for drawing up the list. โ€œIt shows what can be done about it.โ€ He aims at making agreements on fishing quotas and tackling illegal fishing.

The shark and the rye are less good than the tuna. โ€œNow we need to apply that example to the shark industry,โ€ says Hilton-Taylor.


According to the IUCN, nearly 40,000 species of animal and plant are at risk of extinction. The organization also wants to map out the impact of climate change and deep-sea mining on corals and sea slugs in the future.