Worst outcome threatens to Orange

The cards have been shaken in Pool A: Italy and Wales are already sure of the eighth finals, Turkey leaves the European Championship with zero points and Switzerland has four points in the waiting room. However, it looks good for the number three and that‘s bad news for Orange.
A first ranking with all numbers three will be created on Saturday night after all countries had their second game behind them. Switzerland was desolate at the bottom with one point and a goal balance of -3, and how different the world looks 21 hours later: the Swiss came to four points and suddenly become the best number three.
Classification numbers three 1. Switzerland 3-4 (-1) 2. Portugal (F) 2-3 (+1) 3. Austria (C) 2-3 (+/-) 4. Finland (B) 2-3 (+/-) 5. Spain (E) 2-2 (+/-) 6. Croatia (D) 2-1 (-1)
Of course, Switzerland can theoretically be caught up by five or six countries, but for the convenience, let’
s assume that the number three of Poule A continues to the knockout phase. This increases the chances of a heavy eighth final match for the Orange. If Switzerland is definitively sure of a spot in the knockout phase, the chance — according to the fifteen scenarios prepared by UEFA in advance — is fifty percent that the next opponent of the Netherlands will be from Poule F, the group of France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary.
Let‘s zoom in on the ten Poule A scenarios: it’s getting a bit cryptic now, but in the letter combinations — that is, the best songs three come from these four poules — ABCF, ABDF, ABEF, ACEF and ADEF must play the Netherlands against a country from Poule F. And with the combinations ABCD, ABCE, ABDE, ACDE and ACDF, there is an opponent from Poule D or Poule E. The Netherlands does not play anywhere to play in its last group game, but the next few days promise to be exciting enough!