Would be a shame if Neymar signed up for PSG, that kind of player doesnt belong there.

Dirk Kuyt would be very sorry if Neymar decided to join Paris Saint-Germain. The former footballer also addresses PSG‘s alleged mega-bid for FC Barcelona-vedette Lionel Messi in the studio of Ziggo Voetbal.
Kuyt doesn’
t think a player like Neymar should play in the French league. “The Premier League and the Primera División are the top leagues in Europe. I think the best players should play there. I like the fact that PSG is now fighting for the Champions League, but in the end, the best players have to go to those leagues. So I would find it a shame if Neymar started to sign in, because I would like to see him do the big work again,” he says.
The fact that PSG tries to win Messi with a mega-bid certainly understands Kuyt, but the former international of Orange doubts whether Messi will leave for Paris for the money. “If you look at Mr. Messi‘s bank account… eventually it’s not always about money anymore. Or does Messi want to try it somewhere else?” , Kuyt wonders.
Barcelona trainer Ronald Koeman told us to respect the decision of his captain about his future. “I think Koeman wants to build on Barcelona like no other with Messi, with maybe some nice players. Who knows what he is capable of,” concludes Kuyt.

Messi ⇒ Paris Saint-Germain? 🧐 The Argentinean contract near Barcelona expires and the French have made him a ‘not to refuse’ offer 💸 Where do you think Messi will play next year? 👀 #ZiggoSport #UCL #PSGMCI pic.twitter.com/QCHHDNLB57
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