‘Would have liked to lead first training but the question of whether police would give authorisation’

The impossible situation at NAC Breda does not sit Maurice Steijn in the cold clothes. He wanted to be in front of the group at the first training on Friday, but he chose to return his contract due to constant pressure from the supporters.
Steijn calls it โ€œhorrible.โ€ The trainer left because part of the supporters threatened sanctions if he didnt quit before 11:59pm by Saturday night. โ€œAs a trainer, you are often the head-of-jut, but fans have played so much on the man with all sorts of threats in the personal sphere that it wasnt responsible to continue,โ€ Steijn in De Cceit responds.
โ€œI would have liked to lead the first training this Friday, but it was questioned whether the police would give permission to do so because of the explosive situation. In addition, practice matches were unscrewed,โ€ he says.
It is not clear what the NAC supporters were planning, but a storming of the Rat Verlegh Stadium is seen as an opportunity. Steijns family was also threatened.