WoW: Burning Crusade Classic will match update 2.4.3

The BlizzConline event has come to the end of the broadcast, and in this news we gather what we have told about the upcoming The Burning Crusade Classic during panels and interviews. The level of interest in WoW Classic surprised developers, and thanks to this they decided to release the upcoming large-scale update. The Burning Crusade Classic class balance is based on patch 2.

4. 3, the game‘s latest update.

No additional adjustments have yet been made. The basis of The Burning Crusade Classic is a Shadowlands client.

Thanks to this, the game can get a range of graphical enhancements, including ray tracing and dynamic shadows. Players will now receive their first mount not at level 40, but at 30.

The curve of experience is adjusted, so that in the lands of the Outland development will go faster. Access to the raids will be unlocked in a chain of missions.

But they will now be allowed to be carried out not alone, but by group or raid. Players who bought the Collector’s Edition The Burning Crusade will receive their Little Dragon Void with the release of the classic version.

The โ€œDrums of the Mountainsโ€ the tanners make will change so they don‘t look so obligatory. The tool for finding and collecting groups want to improve and make it more convenient, but yet its final version is not ready.

The developers have also not yet decided whether to introduce the group’s state-of-the-art search system into The Burning Crusade. More on Gambling World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will receive update 9.

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