WoW Classic players outraged the price of cloning, and Blizzard reduced it

A week ago, the prices of sets and services designed for WoW Classic players became known. Recall that the Deluxe edition Burning Crusade Classic was estimated at 70 dollars, a one-time level increase costs 40 dollars, and for the service of cloning the character requested 35 dollars. Prices outraged players, in particular this was the case with the latter.

Unlike the Deluxe bonus set and the optimal pass to the Dark Portal, the unlocking service of being able to play in two classic worlds at once by the same character is important for many. And it is available exclusively through the shop.

The company reacted to the feedback of players and announced the revision of the price. This service, which allows players to create copies of characters in individual games, we in novelty.

Initially, in determining the cost of this service, we relied on non-obligatory items and other services. We want players who continue playing in the worlds of the classical era, when making a decision, guided by the fact that they will be able to establish strong ties and create guilds with playmates on whom On the other hand, over the last week we received a lot of reviews and decided to reduce the cost of the service.

The reduced price will allow us to achieve the goal and give many players the opportunity to play the same characters in the worlds of both the classical era and Burning Crusade Classic. BlizzardCost the services of creating a copy of the character in WoW Classic revised, when it appears in the game store, will cost 790 rubles.

Prices for higher level and improved edition of Burning Crusade Classic remained the same. Recall that the preliminary patch of Burning Crusade Classic will be installed on May 18, and it is to its exit to players will have to determine in which era will continue their wanderings all the โ€œclassicโ€ characters on the account.

And the release of the addon is scheduled for June 2, 01:00 Moscow time. More on Disco Elysium: The Final Cut still issued an age rating in Australia Discounts on Steam: Total War, Terraria, GTFO, Overcooked, Void Bastards, Blasphemous and other Authors Returnal hasnt decided how to fix the lack of saves yet.