WoW designer: Shadowlands talks about working on character editor

Players who have already managed to make their way into the World of Warsraft preview patch can appreciate how the character editor and a number of interfaces have changed, as well as what new customization features have appeared in Geoff Lu. Here are some early wireframes of the Character Creation Revamp. One of the first things we explorated was separating the class/race choices into two screens.

Wow‘s 2-way class/race dependency made this flow really awkward, so we quickly went back to one screen. T-7days! pic.

twitter. com/nexulueWR2โ€” Jeff Liu (@jeffliu) October 7, 2020The designer revealed a recording of the first ever sex change game performed by an ordinary hairdresser โ€” now it can not be done through the game store, and right in iGrei wanted all the option names to be short enough to fit the Button.

For the Night Elf burn scar I was thinking โ€œWar of the Thornsโ€ but it was too long. Later I thought of โ€œTeldrassilโ€ and loved how it carried so much meaning in one word.

Limitations = better resultst-5days! Pic. twitter.

com/QH85Zu5JK3โ€” Jeff Liu (@jeffliu) October 8, 2020One of the Scars Night Elves wanted to call War of the Thorns, โ€œWar of the Thorns,โ€ but that title was too long.

But the word โ€œTeldrassilโ€ not only fit on the button, but also turned out to be much more significantHere are 4 early mockups of the Customization ScreenWe wanted you to focus on your character in the middle so we reposed the old portraits on the right w/ Sliders. Sliders made it hard to jump between 2 options, so then we came up with the dropdowns you see today.

T-4days! pic. twitter.

com/iSCQHSRCocโ€” Jeff Liu (@jeffliu) October 9, 2020The designers wanted a character figure in the spotlight, so that portraits with options of faces and hairstyles first replaced sliders.

This was not liked by the players, so the developers came to the dropdown list New players actually see a different version of Character Creation. Allied races are hidden and the race buttons have text labels.

New players can feel anxiety over choosing the perfect appenance, so we added a tip reassuring them that they can change it later. T-3 days! pic.

twitter. com/CSAFDGTQulโ€” Jeff Liu (@jeffliu) October 11, 2020New Launch Zone, Island of Exiles, different for both factions, so pandarens have to make their choices right away.

But veterans can still choose the old prologue and start the Neutral HeroemWorld of Warcraft: Shadowlands will not be released until the end of the year, but the changes shown are already available in the game as part ofpre-patch. More on CCeit Developer Golden Axed remembered SEGA terrible working conditions on the game The beginning of the end in the new video World of Warcraft: Shadowlands The release of cyberpunk detective Gamedec postponed to 2021.