Wow: Gold prospectors find gold nuggets worth 200,000 euros

Two gold diggers in Australia couldn’t believe their eyes. One day they found two nuggets of gold while digging. Together, the wooden shoes weigh 3.5 kilos and are worth about 200,000 euros.

Brent is one of the finders. Even before they started looking, he had a lot of faith in the search. On the land where they started digging, few people have searched for gold.

Metal detector

It was all on Discovery Channel in the program Aussie Gold Hunters, Australian gold seekers. During their search they first dug with an excavator. Then the men took over with their metal detectors.

Heaviest lump ever

3.5 kilos of gold is a lot, but much heavier lumps of gold have been found. 150 years ago one of 71 kilos was found. At this time it would be worth about 3.8 million euros!

In the video below you can see how the men find the gold. Please note that the whole video is in English.