‘Wrath of Man’ topped ‘Movie Search Hd’ top views in June

Movie Search HD told about the top of views among movies and series for June โ€” it was led by Guy Richys โ€œWrath of Manโ€ . The service counts โ€œviewingโ€ if users watched more than 2 minutes of the project. According to the venue, Jason Statems tape included more than 780,000 subscribers in 12 days, while the film once again prompted the surge in popularity of โ€œGentlemenโ€.

The second top spot was the animated series โ€œRick and Mortyโ€, which recently had its fifth season premiere. In the third position, the services own series, โ€œPischeblokโ€, which came to the final the other day โ€” the project recently ranked among the top three most discussed Russian shows in the spring.

turned out to be a sequel to โ€œThe Cruds Familyโ€, the comedy โ€œKnights of Justiceโ€ starring Mads Mikkelsen, the drama โ€œThe Greatโ€ with Johnny Depp, and a number of other projects. Even the โ€œQuiet Placeโ€ sequel is on the list, thanks to the fact that its going to the cinemas now.

The final of several series, including Manifesto (which recently closed) , โ€œThe Good Doctorโ€, โ€œThe Mediatorโ€, and โ€œThe Handmaids Storyโ€. Also, โ€œFriendsโ€, โ€œForgersageโ€ and โ€œHarry Potterโ€ once again did not lose popularity .

Top films and TV series for June: โ€œWrath of Manโ€ (novelty)โ€ ; Rick and Mortyโ€ โ€œPischablokโ€ โ€œThe Mediatorโ€ โ€œMajor Thunder: The Plague Doctorโ€ โ€œFamily Cruds: A housewarmingโ€ (novelty) โ€œKnights of Justiceโ€ (novelty) & laquo; Greatโ€ (novelty) โ€œThe Handmaids Storyโ€ โ€œA Quiet Placeโ€ (novelty) โ€œFriendsโ€ (all seasons and โ€œFriends: Reunionโ€) โ€œGentlemenโ€ The afterburner (seven films) โ€œHarry Potterโ€ (entire series) โ€œThe Good Doctorโ€ โ€œManifestoโ€ โ€œ100 Thousand Minutes Togetherโ€ (novelty) โ€œGhostโ€ (novelty)โ€ ; The Devil is in the Detailโ€ (novelty) โ€œExtreme Spaceโ€ (novelty). More on Gomania The weekend at PS Store sell out Watch Dogs, GTA V, Red Dead, Assassins Creed and FIFA Authors The Unholy Society release racing survivor Foodtruck Arena Invasion for DOOM Eternal Canceled โ€” Make โ€œHordeโ€ Instead.