WRC 10 to celebrate 50th anniversary of championship โ€” trailer and first rally details

Nacon presented WRC 10 – the anniversary edition of the series will also celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the championship itself. Promise โ€œto survive the most intense moments of the competition since 1973 ; in a special โ€œhistorical modeโ€ – there are 19 events waiting for the player, in which the player will adapt to special racing conditions. Among the innovations are also expected 4 new locations for the 2021 season (Estonia, Croatia, Belgium and Spain), 120 special participants, 52 official 2021 teams in WRC, WRC2, WRC3 and classes Junior WRC as well as โ€œ20 legendary Alpine, Audi, Lancia, Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota carsโ€.

WRC 10 is released on September 2 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, and on the latest release will take place immediately on Steam – the ninth part, recall, became an exclusive Epic Games Store for a year. Before the end of the year, release is also expected on the Nintendo Switch.

It is noteworthy that next year the last part of the WRC from Nacon is due to be released โ€” from 2023 the license will go to Codemasters and EA. More on CCeit Rogalik Synthetik 2 this year will be released into early access Steam Epic Games attracted another $1 billion โ€” 200 million of them from Sony โ€œCaptain Bladโ€ still exists – build of the final game found and even passed.