Wreck pieces Indonesia found, no hope of survivors

In Indonesia, wreckage was found that came from the missing Indonesian submarine. Thats what the military leadership announced at a press conference where the wreckage was shown.

Probably the submarine was destroyed and broken open. It is now assumed that the 53 people on board did not survive the disaster. Nevertheless, the search continues.

The submarine disappeared from radar on Wednesday north of the island of Bali. A large search was immediately initiated, in which ships and helicopters were deployed. The American Air Force also helps search, just like those of Malaysia and Singapore.

Oxygen to today

Initially, it was assumed that the boat was only missing. However, the chances of the crew surviving by the day were reduced, because the submarine has only had oxygen until today.

Previously, leaked oil was found at the site where the submarine had gone underwater. According to the Navy, that could indicate damage to the fuel tank.


caused the submarine to get into trouble is another mystery. The army leader said its unlikely that the submarine would have been compromised by an explosion. โ€œIf there had been an explosion, the sonar would have picked it up.โ€

Theres been a lot of searching for the missing submarine for days.