Writer Abdelkader Benali gives this year 4 May lecture

Writer Abdelkader Benali will present the 4 May presentation in De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, shortly before the National Commemoration on Dam Square. This is reported by the National Committee on 4 and 5 May in a press release.

Last year, writer Arnon Grunberg gave the 4 May lecture, 75 years after the liberation of the Netherlands in World War II. Grunberg, whose mother Auschwitz extermination camp survived, received a lot of praise for that speech. He spoke in detail about the atrocities in the Nazi concentration camps and stressed the importance of remembrance in order to prevent the repetition of these atrocities.

In 1992, author Harry Mulisch gave the first 4 May lecture. Since then, the presentation has been an annual tradition.

The silence of the other

Benali (45) won in 2003 for his novel De Long-awaited de Libris Literature Prize. Last year he received the Golden Goose Feather because of its great significance for the written and printed word in the Dutch language.

In November, Benali gave the Anton de KOM lecture at the Resistance Museum, the annual lecture on discrimination and intolerance. Benalis lecture on 4 May is entitled The Silence of the Other.