Writers on the breach for local bookstores: ‘Order your books there’

Famous authors come into action to support the bookstores. Simone van der Vlugt, Tommy Wieringa and Paulien Cornelisse participate in the campaign Support je boekhandel of the Foundation Collective Propaganda van het Nederlandse Boek (CPNB).

Because of the corona measures, the bookstores are closed. Also, they should not have a pick-up counter at the door. โ€œBut inside your bookseller is eager to deliver great books at homeโ€, you can read on the campaign website.

With full-page ads in newspapers, radio spots and social media messages, the CPNB wants to make it clear to people that they can still order from the physical bookstore. And that its important that they do it now, especially now that the lockdown has been extended for three weeks.

โ€œ Dont wait to buy your new books until you can browse through the bookstore again, because you might not get that chance anymore.โ€

Among others writer Ronald Giphart supports the campaign:

According to the foundation, hundreds of well-known writers today make โ€œan important callโ€. On social media, photos and videos are shared that call authors to order a book from a local bookstore today. Hundreds of other colleagues in the book profession also support the action, writes the CPNB.

Childrens bookwriter and illustrator Annet Schaap also participates:

Earlier today, Trouw reported that publishers are waiting to publish new books. Many books that would appear this month will be postponed as bookstores will be closed until February 9th.

Uitgeverij Balans put all seven new publications on hold yesterday. Atlas Contact is also waiting for the release of new books, such as KliFi by Adriaan van Dis. Only two poetry bundles will be released, just before the Poetry Week. They then go to Belgium, where the bookshops are open.

Trouw writes that the postponement does not seem very harmful for the time being. โ€œThe danger is that all new books will be released at the same time, so they will not get much attention.โ€