X-ray shows: man swallowed one of his AirPods while he was asleep

38-year-old Brad Gauthier from Worcester didn‘t know what hit him last Tuesday. He woke up and suddenly had trouble breathing. X-rays were supposed to give clarity, and they did, but the results were to say the least remarkable.

The man appeared to have swallowed one of his AirPods. The thing turned out to be stuck in his esophagus, says the Daily Mail. Gauthier had tried to drink some water in the morning, but because the AirPod caused a blockage, the water stuck in his throat and felt like he was choking. He manages to remove the water by hanging over.

Gauthier didn’t go straight to the hospital, he went through the day just like all other days. However, he noticed that he had lost one of his AirPods. His family still joked that he might have swallowed the thing, since he was suffering from his chest. โ€œWe laughed about it together, but the quarter fell and then I got the crazy feeling that I might have swallowed it at night while I was asleep.โ€

Gauthier and his wife finally decided to pay a visit to the hospital. The staff was just as surprised as the man when it turned out that there was an AirPod in his body. Gauthier went under the knife successfully. The man thinks that the earpiece somehow got into his mouth after falling asleep with the thing in his ear.