Xavi: “We were confident that we would win these matches”

Xavi is a sign of the elimination of FC Barcelona in the Europa League. In the quarterfinal of the Europa League against Eintracht Frankfurt, it went especially wrong in the first half.
Barcelona didn‘t get past the Champions League group stage for the first time in 21 years this season and the Europa League adventure is already stopping in the quarter-finals. It’s a very big disappointment. Too bad, because we were confident that we would win these matches, says Xavi in Spanish media.
But we have to congratulate Eintracht, they deserve to go to the semifinal and we haven‘t been good. We haven’t been like that lately, that‘s why we’re out. We cannot deviate from the path we took and must continue to believe in what we do, he continues.
We‘ve played great games, but defeat is also part of football. If it’s a failure, and I don‘t want to use that word, because we will learn more from mistakes, this defeat should make us believe in our ideas even more. It’s a matter of time and patience.