Xbox consoles and accessories to rise in price in Russia from October 1

According to several sources, Microsoft is going to increase the retail prices of Xbox consoles and accessories in Russia as of October 1. A company spokesperson confirmed the information, citing changes in the currency exchange rate. Xbox Series X (from $45,590 to $49,990) and Xbox are expected to increase the recommended price Series S (from 26,990 to 30,790 rubles).

Prices for some wireless gamepads, headsets and chargers will also change. So far, there have been no official price increases and the list may not be accurate.

As we remember, on the PlayStation console, prices were already raised in March, and many games on the Sony store went up not so long ago. More on Gamemania Focus Entertainment is donating The Surge for any purchase in its store The first beta of Lost Eidolons kicks off on September 30 The third season of Knockout City, โ€œHacked,โ€ starts on 5 October.