Xbox Game Pass will soon add 14 games โ€” 5 of them will appear on EA Play

Microsoft has announced the upcoming Xbox Game Pass novelties, which will appear on the service through August 13. In parallel, EA announced that 5 Codemasters games will be added to EA Play on August 10. Xbox Game Pass: Curse of the Dead Gods (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 5 Dodgeball Academia (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 5 Katamari Damacy Reroll (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 5 Lumines Remastered (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 5 Skate (Xbox) โ€” August 5 Starmancer (PC) โ€” August 5 Art of Rally (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 12 Hades (Xbox + PC) โ€” 13 August Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Premium Edition (PC) โ€” August 17 Play (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) โ€” August 10: DiRT 4 DiRT Rally Dirt Rally 2.

0 F1 2020 GridContinuation. DIRT 5 will also soon be added to the EA Play library.

Xbox Game Pass: Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox) โ€” August 8 Ape Out (PC) โ€” August 15 Crossing Souls (PC) โ€” August 15 Darksiders Genesis (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 15 Dont Starve (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 15 Final Fantasy VII (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 15 Train Sim World 2020& nbsp; (Xbox + PC) โ€” August 15 More on Gaming Spotify is testing a cheap subscription with Haribda ads will be the new god of the Smite universe Head of Blizzard Jay Allen Brack on the background scandal quits company.