Xbox Series S has become the best-selling console on Black Friday

According to the analytical portal Adobe Digital Economy Index, there is a clear leader in the consoles and consoles section during the current global Black Friday sale. The Xbox Series S console was among the best-selling products, which was the most popular in the sector. The popularity of the โ€œreducedโ€ version of the Xbox Series has specific reasons.

A โ€œdigitalโ€ console, devoid of a Blu-ray drive, costs only $300 (in Russia it‘s about 31,000 rubles). At the same time, modern games, including Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite and Call of Duty Vanguard, run perfectly on it.

While demand for PlayStation 5 still far exceeds supply, Microsoft consoles are quite affordable. But the Xbox Series X is noticeably more expensive (about 50 thousand rubles).

The fact that Series S does not use the latest technology was considered a drawback last year and affected the console’s initial sales. However, this flaw does not seem so significant now, especially with Black Friday discounts.

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