Xbox Wire is no longer available in Russian

Until the beginning of March, the Xbox Wire website could read news regarding Microsoft, Xbox Live and Game Pass platforms, including in Russian. In recent months, information has not been published in Russian, and now the corresponding section has become completely inaccessible. If previously, to watch news in Russian, you had to go to this link, it now automatically forwards users to the American Xbox Wire section.

In addition, Russian is no longer on the list of available languages: now, in addition to English, the site can be read in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese. the Russian-language version of Xbox Wire was announced in September 2020.

Then Phil Spencer himself said a few words in Russian in a separate video. Recently, information appeared on the Internet that the Russian branch of Xbox had already been disbanded.

And a couple of days ago, it became known that at least two employees left the Russian division. More on Monster Hunter Rise Gambling Addiction: Sunbreak, F1 22, DNF Duel – in the latest Steam Ubisoft chart wants to cover climate issues in Riders Republic and Skull & Bones Faction Ratio and other stats of patch 0.

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