Xsolla via newsletter laid off 150 employees

An appeal by Xsolla founder Alexander Agapitov was reported on social media, where he announced the dismissal of 150 employees based on Big Data-analysis of their activity in working chats and applications. Those whom the system chose were described as โ€œuninvolved and low-productive. โ€ The full text of the letter to the โ€œexpelledโ€ Agapitov has already had time to confirm the dismissals and gave the media a great comment on what happened.

Alexander Agapitovs comment โ€œXsolla, like any other company, is a living organism that needs to be constantly on the move to survive and get better competitors. In the current market, we do not want and will not be a drag on the development of our projects.

However, sometimes we have to take difficult, unpopular measures to keep going. We want all our employees to think every day about how their actions and decisions affect the companys fate and its success, because we have very ambitious goals in the coming years โ€” this is one of Xsollas key values, it is reflected in everything from operating standard to compensation system.

We demand a lot and give a lot in return โ€” in our view its a fair exchange that is part of our culture and has been clearly articulated from the first day at the company. I am grateful to all the employees who have contributed to Xsolla and it pains me very much to part with each of them.

They are excellent professionals and will receive the maximum level of support from us, ranging from compensation packages to getting recruitment agencies so that their next career step is cool and successful. โ€ The incident has sparked a violent reaction on the network, which has been described as a manifestation of unprofessionalism, and some experts advise suing the company for surveillance.

It is illegal for the employer to analyze personal profiles and data beyond the range of work systems (I understand that some people have been cracking personal comps because people worked remote on their own technology) . Especially if you are a major international company and are frowning for high appreciation and publicity.

Alyona Vladimirskaya Founder of Alyona Career Lab VladimirskaCritic andโ€ The passive-aggressiveโ€ tone of the letter, and the very fact of surveillance โ€” why the employees success is measured not by the results of their work, but by activity in work applications. Many people are confident that Xsolla will start a big turnover amid what happened, and finding new specialists will become much more difficult.

Xsolla is a Permian firm with its head office in Los Angeles. The company handles payment services and marketing for game studios.

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