Yakut creators of The Day Before showed 13 minutes of action movie ‘no glues’

Yakut developers from Fntastic continue to show fresh footage of The Day Before – an expected cooperative action about survival in the world after a pandemic, early access of which will begin in coming months. The fresh video begins with a trip of heroes across the rough terrain, after which they stop at a small gas station to search for supplies and fix transport, but there, of course, a lot of infected. Then the unit goes to a small form, where fighters again have to survive the advance of the walking dead, after which, after seeing the approaching cars of other survivors, stealthily go to nearest bunker.

The Day Before is a mix of The Last of Us, The Division and State of Decay. Here, players in the open world try to survive while under the onslaught of artificial intelligence-controlled zombies (PvE) and other players (PvP).

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