Yakuza Series Circulation Exceeds 17 Million

SEGA Sammy, in its annual integrated report, presented sales results for the most important series from March 2020 to March 2021. In particular, it was about the iconic Persona and Megami Tensey. Another famous series, Yakuza, also showed high performance.

SEGA points out that its sales exceeded 17 million units. But this includes not only digital and boxed editions of the games in the series, but also pachislot and pachinko machines, slot machines, toys, souvenirs, and merchandises.

The sales count is not included a new installment of the series, Lost Judgement. Her release came in September.

And in the near future, Yakuza fans are looking forward to a sequel, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which is already being worked on. More on CCeit In celebration of the series anniversary, Payday creators spoke about Payday 3 IGN revealed 17 minutes from the first chapter of Guardians of the Galaxy SEGA talked about multimillion-dollar sales of Persona and Megami Tensei.