Year of transfers: Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires postponed indefinitely

The year of constant transfers continues: now postponed for an indefinite period Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, although its release was to take place very soon – officially it was declared at the beginning of 2021. The developers thank fans for their support and intend to release the game of the best quality, but this will require additional time – a new release date will be called later. As compensation for the transfer Koei Tecmo showed a frame from the intro.

Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires lost the open world, but will be released on Nintendo SwitchThe game is created for all current platforms – PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and RS ( Steam). More on CCeit Superman and Lois renewed for a second season after the release of the first episodes Netflix is working on the first animated series on Asterix and Obelix Finale & laquo; vandaVijn may disappoint some theory fans.