Years of prison sentences demanded for smuggling former Nissan top man Ghosn in coffin

The Public Prosecutors Office in Turkey is demanding 12-year cell sentences against the people involved in the rumored escape of former Nissan top man Carlos Ghosn from Japan in 2019. Against three of them, a private airline official and two pilots, many years of prison sentences are being demanded.

Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo in 2018 on suspicion of financial mismanagement. He was allowed to wait for his trial freely, but he didnt trust it to be fair.

The story goes that he hid himself in a box for sound equipment, which was taken to Osaka airport. From there he flew to Istanbul, where he took another flight to Beirut.

illegal smuggling

Against the two pilots who flew to Istanbul, the OM is demanding 12 years for illegal smuggling of a migrant. If it is up to justice, the two pilots who led the flight to Beirut will be given a different punishment for failure to report a crime. The state also wants the charges against the two stewards dropped.

The four pilots and two flight stewards deny that they cooperated in his escape and say they didnt know Ghosn was on board their plane.

The official confessed that he knew Ghosn was being smuggled, but would not have been informed until the former top man was already in Istanbul. He then helped get Ghosn on board the flight to Beirut, according to his own words because he was threatened and feared for the safety of his family.

On February 24, the court in Istanbul ruled the case.