Yesterdays patch for Cyberpunk 2077 markedly improved versions of the game for consoles

Yesterday CD Projekt released a fresh patch for Cyberpunk 2077, which markedly improved the game on consoles โ€” especially for Xbox versions. On the standard Xbox One, almost a miracle happened: in some scenes the frame rate increased almost twice – from 15 to 25 frames per second. However, there are compromises: lighting and shadows have become noticeably worse on all Xbox, including One X and Series S except Series X.

On the latter, though, the performance has not changed. But on One X, where it used to be 22-25 frames per second, now actually stable 30 FPS โ€” but not everywhere, when moving around the city there are still drops.

In the open world, the basic Xbox One got rid of hangups, and performance lifted 20 -30%. Xbox One Resolution – Dynamic 900p Xbox One X – Dynamic 1368p Xbox Series S – Dynamic 1080p Xbox Series X (30 FPS) โ€” 1800p Xbox Series X (60 FPS) โ€” 1224r.

What else? Improved reflections on Xbox; Textures are still problematic to load; Now the main character model is loaded with all the details at the beginning of the game; Detailing objects at the distance (LOD) has become worse at all Xbox, including Series X. On Xbox One before yesterday‘s patch, the game could hang in the middle of the ride โ€” this can last up to 10 seconds.

But on the PlayStation the situation is worse – on the PS4, the resolution was raised, and there were more people on the streets, but otherwise it seems nothing especially changed. Performance improved marginally.

Resolution on PlayStation: PS4 – dynamic 1080p (was dynamic 900p) PS4 Pro – dynamic 1224p (was dynamic 1188p) PS5 – 1224p. Even on the basic PS4, the picture became noticeMore clearer on the PlayStation, however, with the release of a new patch there was a common bug, because of which it is impossible to exit the settings.

So far, the solution is one – restart the game. Movie about XboxMovie about PlayStation More on Gambling Duck full list of 15 free games Epic Games Store – it looks like the truth Super Baby 2 will appear in Dragon Ball Fighterz  January 15.

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