Yet another nationwide fireworks ban

There will be another national fireworks ban this year around the turn of the year. The pressure on healthcare is rising due to corona and no hundreds of fireworks victims have to add to that, says the outgoing cabinet. Yesterday, insiders reported that there would be no ban, but the Council of Ministers decided today that this is not wise.

Last year, a national fireworks ban related to corona also applied. As a result, much fewer accidents happened around the turn of the year. There were 108 people with injuries in the hospitals and 275 reported to the general practitioner posts. The average number of injuries in other years was well above a thousand. At the turn of the year 2019/2020, there were about 1300.

This week, the Association of Dutch Municipalities and the mayors of the Security Council asked the cabinet in a fire letter to impose a ban on the sale and parting of fireworks this year. That call also sounded from the care.

‘Rack in care is out’

Yesterday it seemed that the national fireworks ban would not make it, because municipalities have the opportunity to take measures themselves. But โ€œthe stretch in healthcare is completely outโ€, explains Minister De Jonge of Health. According to him, this applies not only to the ICU, but also to the emergency room and the general practitioner posts. โ€œIt‘s crazy busy everywhere.โ€

He says it’s not yet clear what the situation is like at the end of this year, โ€œbut we had to make a decision now. And we really saw last year that it helped, so it‘s good and wise to do it again this year.โ€

Secretary of State Van Weyenberg (Infrastructure and Water Management) calls the decision a hard question for traders and retailers who hoped to be able to sell fireworks this year and are now left with large stocks. He says that a โ€œneat arrangementโ€ is being made for them, similar to last year’s.

At that time, fees were given for the transport and storage of the fireworks in safe warehouses (sometimes also in Belgium or Germany) and for the loss on sale. That cost โ€œa million or 40,โ€ says Van Weyenberg.