Yilmaz responds to “lies”

Burak Yilmaz is disappointed by the ‘lies’ that are spread about him. The Fortuna Sittard striker, in conversation with ESPN, deals with the rumors about him once and for all and labels them as false.
Yilmaz was presented in a big way in Sittard, but soon there was a change. He would decide the lineup, had a fight with staff member Frank Demouge, and profit premiums would be paid by him personally. In addition, it was suggested that Yilmaz played a role in Sjors Ultee‘s resignation. It’s all a lie, he says.
That (Ultee‘s resignation, ed.) is a decision made entirely by the club board. I’m just an employee here, Yilmaz continues. You still have a chairman, a technical director and an owner here: all people who are talking about this. This decision had nothing to do with me and these are things that happen in football.
The Turkish striker also denies the other rumors. I never made a setup. The fact that people are suggesting this is very embarrassing. It is also disrespectful to the technical staff. Yilmaz sucks at the news coverage. I would decide everything here: they even talked about competition premiums. Very, very embarrassing.
With one hundred percent certainty, I can say that these stories are out of thin air, he insists. It‘s impossible for me to answer everything, this isn’t true and that‘s not true. It’s all a lie, I‘m just a Fortuna Sittard player.

Burak Yilmaz about the rumors going around 💬 It’s all a lie
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 28, 2022