You can build Frostpunk in Model Builder

Model Builder creators from independent Polish studio Moonlit continue to expand the range of models we can build in a design simulator. Not long ago, the games creators announced collaboration with three companies at once: Titan Forge will use its three-dimensional miniatures, AK Interactive will give out paint to paint them, and with Hobby Zone we get a luxury workplace. Now Moonlit will borrow some from Frostpunk.

In the game, we will be able to build three mechanisms that save lives in the cold world: generator, automaton, and dreadnought. In our virtual workshop, we will be able to assemble these models, paint and use in diorama, or decorate the workplace.

It is possible that these Frostpunk models will not be limited to cooperation, because in the 2022, a tabletop version of the popular game. In addition, the Polish brand Arma Hobby, which specializes in the history of Polish aviation and aircraft, will be shared with Model Builder creators World War II.

Five models will be available in the game with historical accuracy and detail. Finally, Taiwanese designer Lin Yu Cheng, known for his futuristic car and motorcycle concepts, will prepare some of its creations for Model Builder.

The Model Builder release is due to take place in the third quarter on RS. And to support the game creators promise for five years.

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