You can build your heavenly city in Airborne Kingdom soon on consoles

Airborne Kingdoms urban planning strategy went to PC last December, and now developers have announced that it will soon be possible to create their heavenly cities on consoles. Release of the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch will take place on November 9 โ€” and the corresponding announcement was accompanied by a trailer for gamescom 2021. In Airborne Kingdom, players have to develop their city among clouds and harrow the air expanses, exploring clouds and creating a better future for the inhabitants of the earth world.

By finding all new resources and learning forgotten technologies, you need to build homes, increase population and meet the needs of residents while also interacting with the Earth kingdoms. More on Iromania Fresh Dying Light 2 show dedicated to combat system, parkour and weapons The Wargaming employee sent Streamer World of Warships Offensive Promo Code Cruel Role Action Thymesia is released on December 7.