You can change the server in New World

Amazon has released update 1. 0. 3 to the online role-playing game New World.

And it added a long-awaited option to the game: change your downloaded server to a free one for free, get rid of queues, or move in with your friends. Free transfer is already available in everyone regions, and to use it, you have to pick up a special token from the in-game store.

To make sure you dont make a mistake when moving, you can check the population rating of the servers: by this time, most of them had already moved to the green zone. One of the reasons for the decline the population may be that there is already a real economic crisis in the game.

As Reddit visitors point out, players are experiencing a severe shortage of gold, and the resources and labors of crafters are not in any demand. Deflation causes players to switch to an in-kind exchange: currency is necessary for repair, in addition to taxing the house and the caves.

Amazon Game Studios has not yet responded to the collapse of the economy. More on Gamermania Dwarf Simulator Hammerting Releases Farming & Fishing Update In Endzone โ€” A World Apart: Prosperity Action Addon Release Boomerang X release endless update.