You can go up to the roof: car camping goes like a train

Camping is of all times and has several forms. A rapidly becoming more popular: car camping. A roof tent on your own car and go!

The sale of roof tents has more than doubled last year, as examined Kamping magazine. There is no direct reason for this increase; some want back to basic, others want freedom, adventure or the sense of flexibility. Corona will also have contributed to it: with all the limitations, car camping is still one of the few ways to get away from it.

The advantages

The biggest advantage of camping with a tent on your car, rather than on the ground? The fact that you are high and dry. After a heavy rain shower, your tent may become clammy and damp on the ground. Camping on your car, the moisture can not pull in through the bottom of the tent and also the rising cold will pass you more. In addition, your camp is set up and shut up in no time, making it ideal for short stops. Also, camping does not take up extra space in this way; only the footprint of the car counts.

The options

Nowadays, using a roof tent is no longer just for people with a 4×4, but they fit almost all cars. For some car brands special roof tents have been developed, such as the MINI Countryman. There is a choice of different brands, sizes and a hard or soft exterior. Finally, you can choose all kinds of extras, right up to a canopy. The average price for a roof tent is between a thousand and five thousand euros.

The pitches

On practically all campsites you can already stay by car camping, although there is a chance that you will have to be on a motorhome pitch, rather than on a regular pitch. However, many people prefer to go wild camping; zip open your tent and wake up in the middle of overwhelming nature. Unfortunately, it is not allowed everywhere to park and stay overnight. Check on the internet where this is possible, so you can still look for adventure.



that like, sleeping on your roof? Melanie and Bram Verheijen are car campers. They were after an episode of Floortje to the end of the world around. They also wanted to travel more, with a 4×4 plus roof tent. โ€œWe sold our house, had a tiny house built, and now the goal is to be gone two or three times a year for a month.โ€

The biggest difference between travelling with a camper is the freedom: its easier to really move into nature. โ€œIn addition, the comfort of a roof tent is greater than that of a normal tent. You sleep on the floor and on a mattress and you always lie on a straight surface through the car. It takes about five minutes to set up; where others are still hanging around, we are already having a beer.โ€

โ€œ Its back to basic camping but still with luxury. Because you drive a car, you can charge almost anything these days. You can brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush while standing off-road enjoying mountain views.โ€