You still take out your health insurance? Here you need to pay attention

It will be on a lot of to-do lists in the next few days: checking the health insurance for 2021. Between Christmas and New Year they see relatively many more visitors on their sites. What do they think should you think about when concluding a new health policy?

The most important advice: do not extend your insurance without checking what changes. โ€œYou dont always have to switch, but you have to see if youre still well,โ€ advises Suzanne Lรถwik of Pricewise. โ€œIt may be that your health insurer has changed an additional insurance policy and that, for example, you only get reimbursed nine physiotherapy treatments instead of twelve.โ€

The excess will remain 385 euros next year. However, almost all health insurers have increased their premiums. Only for specific groups, treatments have been added to the basic package, such as treatments to recover from corona and physiotherapy for people with lung disease COPD.

Of all Dutch people, about 6 to 7 percent change to another health insurance company every year. We are reluctant, notice the comparison sites. โ€œPeople generally dont like the subject and complicated,โ€ says Peter Ruys of Zorgkiezer. โ€œCorona makes them seem to postpone it even more.โ€

โ€œ Health insurance is a feeling product, because you insure your body and health,โ€ says Lรถwik. โ€œPeople feel that they are not well insured when they switch. We see that older people sometimes spend more than ten years with the same insurer, while the differences between premiums have become increasingly disconnected.โ€

According to the comparison sites, the difference between the cheapest naturapolis and the most expensive refund policy has risen to about 500 euros. This is mainly due to the fact that the refund policies are becoming increasingly expensive. But also between naturapolises, the differences also reach tens of euros per year.

In the video below LegDecceit on 3 earlier explains why premiums can be so different and how to save money. But also: what about the excess? And why are so few people switching over?

Another point is the discount that 63 percent of Dutch people get through collective insurance with, for example, an employer or association. This discount has been reduced since this year and may be abolished altogether in 2023. A discount may sound good, but you may end up being more expensive if the basic premium with your collective insurance is higher.

โ€œ People think: Im staying here, because its been good so far. But a discount on a more expensive basic insurance is ultimately still a more expensive insurance,โ€ says Lรถwik.

It was therefore expected that more people would switch this year, but that did not happen. โ€œSo its good to check if the discount with your collectivity is still so attractive,โ€ says Ruys.

One last tip is to look at the private brands of insurance. โ€œIn the past, these might have been online policies, but now you have to take care of things online for almost all insurance,โ€ says Ruys. โ€œThe difference is that budget options will pay a little less if you go to an uncontracted healthcare provider.โ€