Young Orange makes breast wet: “Boys who represent quite a few millions”

The players of Jong Oranje wet their chest for Young France, but as far as Dani de Wit is concerned, his team is certainly not infringed by the French. He expects Young Orange to resist.
Young France is seen as one of the most talented promise teams in the world. Dayut Upamecano, Ibrahim Konaté (RB Leipzig) and Eduardo Camavinga (Stade Rennes), just some players who hit Jong Orange. Ive seen the names, so I know the individuals for sure, says De Wit to DeccEit.
s only fun if you can measure with that. Those are guys who represent a lot of millions, so its nice if you get to play against that. But I think we are no less and we have to show that, says De Wit.
Jong Oranje played the group phase two months ago and now travels back for the quarterfinals. It might as well be just for one game. We
re not going to assume that, but of course you can be switched off right away. We just have to give everything and show up top fit at kick-off, then well see what happens. A weird feeling? There is a certain pressure, but that makes sense in the quarterfinals. We are going to enjoy it immensely and do our best.