Young Orange stunt: “Lets not get very arrogant right away”

Federal coach Erwin van de Looi is happy, but not euphoric. Of course, he is proud of Jong Oranje, who won the win against Young France in extremis and is in the semi-finals of the European Championships.
Im quite happy, says Van de Looi with a sense of understatement at the CCEit. I enjoyed my team. Not everything went well, we crawled through the eye of the needle a few times. But this is what Jong Orange has shown for two years: intransigence, helping each other and playing good football. That gave us two great opportunities in the second half.
Van de Looi knew where he could hurt Young France: in the conversion. That
s where Myron Boadus winning goal fell out. They went to take more risks and also swapped to win. We know our attackers have speed. Weve been waiting for a moment. That he falls in the last fifteen seconds is beautiful, very beautiful.
Goalkeeper Justin Bijlow demanded a crucial role in Boadus goal. Young Orange was under pressure and so Bijlow could have held the ball, but instead he gave the ball to Calvin Stengs for a very last counter. This is typical Justin, says Van de Looi. He is not only a good man, but also has an eye for what happens next. Calvin is someone who wants to play football right away when we get the ball. You saw he could still do pretty hard.
The French favorites role was clearly there, but we also have a good team. We were lucky, though. That makes sense. Let us not immediately become very arrogant, concludes Van de Looi.