Young people without initial qualification work less often ten years later

Young people who have left MBO without initial qualification have less paid work ten years later. And if they do have a job, it is more often in a flexible employment than people who do have a starting qualification. The Central Bureau of Statistics examined this for 2008 and 2018.

In 2008, more than 87,000 young people under the age of 23 left MBO. 39 percent of them had no qualification. This is a diploma at MBO 2 level or higher, or a HAVO or VWO diploma. Ten years later, 70 percent of people with no initial qualification had a job.

Of the former students who had entered MBO in 2008, 91% had paid work in 2018. This work was also more often in permanent employment (56 percent) than in people who did not have initial qualification (40 percent).

More often men without initial qualification

The people without initial qualification are more often men. This is also due to the fact that MBO 1 courses are more often followed by men than by women. A diploma from an MBO 1 course does not give a starting qualification.

Women also returned to education more often to obtain a starting qualification. Thirty percent of those women did that too. In men, that was 23 percent.

‘Unfortunately, the stakes are not good. ‘

Earlier this year, it was announced that the number of school leavers increased in the 2018-2019 school year, despite millions of support. Schools and municipalities have received more than 80 million euros from the National Government for a regional approach. And for schools that reduce school dropouts, more than EUR 17 million is available.

โ€œ Unfortunately, the commitment from the past period is not enough to reduce the number of young people who fall outโ€, wrote Educationminister Van Engelshoven to the House of Representatives in March this year. The letter of the Chamber states that according to municipalities and schools the cause lies with a wrong choice of study, increasing problems among young people and an increasing labour market.

The MBO Council says that there are no signs yet that the coronacrisis leads to higher rates of outages. โ€œWe do notice that young people find distance learning very difficult,โ€ says a spokesman.