Young queer councillor becomes mayor in oldest city Wales

In the city of Bangor, Wales, a queer councillor has been elected mayor. Owen Hurcum (22) is said to be the youngest mayor in Wales ever and the first, anywhere, to identify himself as non-binary.

Hurcum came out of the closet two years ago and was afraid of being disowned by the community. But the opposite turned out to be the case yesterday.

Hurcum was already deputy mayor and has been allowed to wear the mayors chain for a year. Bangor, in the northeast, is the oldest city in Wales. There are about 18,000 people, about half of whom are studying at Bangor University.

Hurcum came from London to Bangor to study there. The newly-elected mayor was always interested in politics, but that got stronger in college. โ€œPolitics affects everything and decides on everything in a community,โ€ Hurcum said to North Wales Live.

โ€œ You can have experience in politics and do not have to be old. Im 22, and yet Ive been a councilman for four years and a year deputy mayor. I have enough experience and enough experienced people around me to make decisions.โ€