Young refugees still this month to ‘Dutch’ reception Greece

At the end of September, the first refugee children will be able to go to a reception location on the Greek mainland that is financed by the Netherlands. That is what State Secretary Broekers said this morning.

Already in May it became known that the Netherlands gives money to finance short-term shelters where unaccompanied minors from reception camps on the Greek islands can go.

Broekers said before the start of a Cabinet meeting on corona that she will announce in the course of this week that the first reception location will open at the end of this month, and that a second location will soon follow.

Structural improvements

Since the end of last year, Greece has been asking other EU countries to take over 2500 vulnerable refugee children from the overcrowded camps there. Eleven countries, including Germany, have responded to this request.

The Netherlands does not participate. According to the Cabinet, it is better to focus on structural improvements in Greece than to bring children to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has earmarked 3.5 to 4 million euros for setting up guardianship institutions. In addition, the Greeks can call on the expertise of the Nidos Foundation. In the Netherlands, this organisation is responsible for the guardianship of minor asylum seekers.