Young widow (25) arrested for murder of Japanese playboy (77)

โ€œ How bad that your husband died,โ€ said a man at the funeral of Kosuke Nozaki in 2018 to the young widow Saki Sudo. โ€œMwah, not reallyโ€, was the answer. Now it seems to be clear why the then 22-year-old gave that answer: on Wednesday she was arrested on suspicion of the murder of her much older – and very wealthy – husband.

According to the Tokyo police, it is clear that Nozaki ended at the age of 77 by an injection of kakuseizai, a Japanese popular cocktail of cocaine and methamphetamine, among others. That shot could only have been given to him by the young wife he had dinner with that night, the police think. The same young wife had done extensive internet research on kakuseizai, reports Tokyo Reporter.

It was also Saki Sudo who, according to their own words, found the lifeless body of her rich husband on the couch in their apartment in Tanabe on 24 May 2018. Shes the only one whos been with her husband that night. Besides doing research on kakuseizai, she also bought the stuff, via social media, according to the police. Traces of the drug were found on the kitchen floor.

Suicide was ruled out, according to another medium. A month earlier Nozakis dog had died and he had planned the funeral of the dog. According to the police, that cant be reconcelled with suicide. Incidentally, also the dog was poisoned, to now it is also assumed by the young wife.


Nozakis death caused a lot of dust three years ago. He liked to pretend to be a playboy and wrote a book in which he stated that he had courted at least 4000 women. The Don Juan of Kishu would have spent around 3 billion yen (now about 23 million euros) on it. For Saki Sudo, however, the 77-year-old went down, after meeting her at an airport: โ€œWould you like to be the last woman in line?โ€ , he asked the 55 years younger beauty just before their wedding in February 2018.

After that marriage, the young wife would have shown very little in Tanabe, but mainly in Tokyo circles. Except for that fatal evening in May 2018, barely three months after the wedding celebration

Then the motive remains: according to the police, it must be money, because although Nozaki had made it clear that half of his assets, another 10 million euros, would go to the city of Tanabe, Saki Sudo would be entitled to the other half. And thats not bad deserved for three months of marriage, thats the theory.