Young woman in toilet Belgian café raped and filmed: ‘Permanent trauma’

Two young men were sentenced by the Ghent court on Wednesday for the rape of a girl in the toilets of a café in the Overpoortstraat. In addition, one perpetrator filmed the atrocities and then distributed those images over the Internet. Disappetizing behavior just.

After an evening of partying in the Opoortstraat, a young woman woke up in June 2018 without remembering what had happened the night before. Her mother said she was coming home completely silly. It wasnt until a few weeks later that she discovered through a video what had happened that night.


My client was raped by two men in the toilets of café Lime that night, her lawyer says. First by the one, then by his friend, who also filmed. He proudly showed the video to his friends afterwards. Disappetizing behavior just. She contracted several STIs and has been permanently traumatized since then.

Both men were brought before the court of Ghent. Witnesses stated that she could no longer stand on her feet and was crying after the facts, says the prosecutor. The woman could not give permission, and this is really about rape.



of Ghent sentenced the first offender to 16 months in prison, with a postponement. In addition to the rape, the second perpetrator was also convicted of spreading the video and was given 20 months in jail, with a postponement. Both have to pay compensation to the woman.