Youssef Fares again vows to blow our brains with his new game

Famous not only for his games, but also for his split behavior game designer Youssef Fares gave an interview to the portal Polygamia. And he said that he is already working on a new game. We are already doing it [next game โ€” Ed.

] already doing it. But you won‘t get anything out of me, it’s too early.

No, though. One thing will say.

Your brains will split into pieces! Youssef FaresAs we remember, a similar promise Fares has already made. That‘s how he described at that time the unannounced adventure It Takes Two.

Shortly before the release of It Takes Two, Phares in an interview with GameInformer announced that he will give a thousand dollars to someone who gets bored in passing time and will declare that the game does not surprise him. Now the game designer admitted that no person in the world applied for this payment – absolutely everyone liked the game.

Well, or just nobody decided. As an example of game variety and use of his cinematic experience, Fares brought a scene when the heroine fights a squirrel on the wings of an airplane.

At this point, the game turns into a fighting game for a few seconds or minutes. I was asked: why so much trouble for such a short scene? I always answer, if we repeated it, the scene would lose its uniqueness.

And so everyone will remember her. Same with films.

Yousef Faresppast this, Fares told that he is a big fan of James Cameron. And the squirrel level is inspired by Avatar, but on it you can find Schwarzenegger’s iconic gesture from Terminator 2.

And in general, the game has a lot of references and Easter: to A Way Out, โ€œAlienโ€, Nintendo games. And many of them are still undisclosed.

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