‘Youth Party FvD disables whistleblowers’

The Youth Organization of Forum for Democracy, JFVD, has disbarred several whistleblowers. Earlier this year, these members warned against right-wing extremist ideas among party members.

The party called at least three of them, reports the Volkskrant on the basis of their letters of royalty sent on September 17. In the letters, the JFVD board writes, among other things, that the members have tried to โ€œpenetrate the party and exert pressure on the boardโ€.

The critical JFVDs asked attention to the internal abuses, among other things by means of two fire letters which they circulated within the party for signature. The JFVD also condemns that the group would have been protected at an early stage by leaking extreme app messages to the press.


fact that HP/De Tijd finally published about the app posts has โ€œseriously and unreasonably jeopardized the good name of JFVDโ€, writes the board.