Youth stabbing fundraiser, knife ban minors not ready yet

Young people can hand in their knife or stabbing weapon anonymously in more than 200 municipalities in mid-October. If they put their knife in a container near the local police station, they don‘t have to fear a punishment.

The Ministry of Justice and Security will hold a national fundraiser from 11 to 17 October, including police, prosecutor’s office and municipalities. Local gun fundraisers already exist.

The national fundraiser is one of the attempts to reduce knife ownership among young people. In 2020, the number of stitch incidents involving young people had increased sharply nationwide, and in Rotterdam the number had doubled.


Youth workers rang the bell about hardened street culture and gun ownership among youth. Mayors asked for a ban on carrying a knife and selling it in stores. Carrying stabbing weapons as butterfly knives and stilettos is already prohibited by law, but it is permissible on the street to have a knife shorter than 28 centimeters in pocket.

Justice and Security Minister Grapperhaus announced a ban on the wearing of knives by minors in November last year. That law will be โ€œin consultationโ€ at the end of this year, the Minister now says. That means asking for advice whether the law works well. Next, the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives have to agree.

Locker Check

The cabinet has drawn up an action plan with many parties and hopes to raise awareness of the risks of gun ownership and use with the fundraiser called Drop je knife, young people and their parents. The police have also started searching extra preventive and locker checks and education classes in schools are a means to reduce the number of stitch incidents.