Youtube blocks chess player from words’ black ‘and’ white ‘

Youtube probably took a chess channel offline because the AI algorithm saw the words โ€œblackโ€ and โ€œwhiteโ€ for hate speech. Thats what researchers say, who speak of the tip of the iceberg.

Last year, the popular chess vlogger Antonio Radic, or Agadmator, was removed from Youtube. Soon he returned. The tech giant never explained the cause of the ban.

With over a million followers, Radic is a major player in the world. His account went black after a chess session with Hikaru Nakamura, multiple champion and the youngest American to be named Grandmaster, writes the Daily Mail.

AI error?

Experts suspect that the words black and white are used to identify the playpieces. The problem goes beyond one chess video. In eighty percent of chess messages that were considered hateful, words such as white , black and attack were found.

โ€œ We dont know exactly which technique Youtube uses, but if they rely on artificial intelligence (AI), these kinds of incidents can happen,โ€ says Ashiqur R KhudaBukhsh, computer scientist at the Carnegie Melons Language Technologies Institute.

KhudaBukhsh and his team have ploughed 680,000 responses. The reactions among chess videos were rarely, although classified as hateful, actually racist, according to the scientists. They ask tech giants to include chess language in their algorithms.