YouTube channel Long French after a day removed

Long French his new YouTube channel is Monday after about a day away. This reports the rapper on Instagram.

It is not known why the channel was removed. Earlier in October, his previous channel on the video platform was taken off. According to YouTube, this was due to โ€œrepeated or serious violations of our Community Guidelines.โ€

โ€œ My entire YouTube account has been deleted by YouTube. Also all my own music on my channel. I am really sorry about this and I am going to cry now,โ€ wrote Lange Frans at the time, who then turned to Arjen Lubach. โ€œThanks to Arjen Lubach! And maybe with your good contacts at YouTube you can at least ask if I can get my music back…โ€

In his programme Sunday with Lubach, Lubach spent an item on the โ€œfable partyโ€ about spreading fake news and conspiracy theories. The presenter called Lange Frans a โ€œconspiracy thinkerโ€ in his show because he believes that the elite and politicians maintain a satanist paedophile network. In the show, he showed two videos of the rapper.

Tech companies are getting sharper on fake news. For example, with some of Donald Trumps tweets, Twitter says that the content may not be right, and the Lange French YouTube channel was previously removed after accusations of spreading conspiracy theories. Techjournalist Raymon Mens explains why the platforms are tightening up their policies in the video below.